Are you are thinking of starting an online business? If yes, you might want to consider selling clothes in wholesale. Selling clothes in wholesale is easier compared with selling clothes as a retailer because when you sell clothes in wholesale, all you have to do is to sell clothes to retailers and other people after buying the clothes in bulk from manufacturers and distributors.

Where you can start your wholesale clothing business depends on how small or big your business is. If your business is a small one, you can start from selling from your garage till you will get a warehouse after you must have expanded.

The first thing you must do when starting a wholesale clothing business is registering your business with the local country’s clerk’s office. You can also consider obtaining a DBA before you start your business.

You should also apply for reseller permit through your state’s website or comptroller’s office. If you don’t have this permit, you can’t buy directly from distributors or manufacturers. When you have this permit, you also get to buy in bulk without having to pay any tax.

The next step to take is to open a business bank account from your bank. When you open your bank account, you will be able to accept electronic payments from people.

If you plan on hiring employees, you should obtain EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). You can also obtain the employer identification number if you plan on incorporating your business. You should also learn to maintain an accurate accounting of your business expenses and safes for the year-end tax purposes.

If you want to make your business look very professional, you should try ordering business stationeries and business cards for your wholesale clothing business.

But first, before all this, you need to decide if you want to specify in a particular niche of clothing or if you want to be a general clothing wholesaler. You can decide to sell general clothing for men, kids, and women or you can specialize in a particular niche of clothing like the kids clothing. Selling generally or specializing is both good options.

You should also find a clothing manufacturer or distributor online and contact them. You should ask the manufacturer r distributor for their price list and catalog for the clothing items you want to sell. Make sure that the manufacturer or distributors are trustworthy.

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