Are you earnestly looking for a way to sell your clothes online, but you are not sure about what to do? You should consider thredUP.

ThredUP is a very great website that allows you sell your clothes for cash. It is very easy to sell clothes on thredUP; all you have to do is order a cleanout bag on thredUP, put your clothes in the bag and return it to them. After your bag has been processed, thredUP will send you an email stating how much your back is worth. Cool right?

So let’s look at what clothing items you can send to ThredUP

You can send kids, and women’s clothing items are stain free, on-trend, in excellent condition, and top brand names. If you send clothing items with holes, stains, pilings, etc. defect, it will not be accepted. You should not send cheap clothes too. ThredUP accepts items from certain brands. If you have high-labeled clothing items and want to sell them, you should order a bag. The bags are free, and they come with a pre-paid shipping label. When you get the bag, you should pack all your used clothes in the bag and then send it back.

So what happens after you send in your bag?

After you send in your bag, it will be processed for about four weeks. After it has been processed, you will receive a mail station how much your bag is worth. If your bag is worth under $60, thredUP will pay you upfront. But if your bag is worth over $60, they will be listed up for sale on thredUP. Once these clothing items get sold, you get paid. When your clothing items are listed up for sale, you can adjust the price of the clothing items within the first seven days. If your clothing items are not accepted by thredUP, they will be sold o third-party seller or donated to charity.

So how much can you really earn from selling on thredUP?

After sending in your bag, your clothing items will be inspected by professional buyers. They will check each item to determine its value and quality. Once your clothing items have been processed, you will receive an email telling you how much your clothing items worth. However, the amount your bag is worth depends on the brand, category, quantity, original price and quality of each clothing item.

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